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Rainbow Wedding and Bridal Shower Décor & Stationary

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Rainbows also represent diversity in relationships. I see them as being boundless and full of love. My grandmother was the epitome of love; she showed it unconditionally to everyone that knew her. Her favorite song was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I didn't know this was her favorite song until she passed away. On the day of her passing, I was morning her, and the song popped into my head; it was like it was on repeat. I even posted it on my personal Facebook page. Two days later, I spoke to my aunt, and she told me. Upon discovering this, I felt like that song was magically put into my mind by her on that day to let me know she was there comforting me even though she had left this earth. So for me, rainbows are a representation of one of my favorite people that ever lived. This design is dedicated to my grandmother, an amazingly loving person who influenced my life in many ways.

What I love most about Rainbows is that they are bright, beautiful, and full of color, making them so much fun to use as decor for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and events. They are a spectacular unity of colors that light up the sky. Have you ever heard anyone say they didn't like a rainbow when they saw one?


Rainbow Wedding Palette

I created this design with modern styling that is perfect for wedding decor or bridal showers. It's a minimalist design full of color, allowing you to add vibrance and a prism of color to your special event. The palette is versatile, just as you would expect from a rainbow!



Anyone can purchase the vibrant bridal shower invitation through Etsy or Zazzle. For printed invitations, I recommend Zazzle. If you want to print them yourself, Etsy is your best choice. Through my Etsy shop I also have an invitation kit that includes the invitation, recipe card, thank you card, and details card. Both of my shops allow you to customize the designs your way. Check out this video on how to customize your invitation on Etsy using Corjl online.

There is a difference in the available fonts. If you like the fonts in the Etsy invitation, you can always upload your design to my Zazzle shop and print them there too. Here is the link to upload the design you create on Etsy to Zazzle: Print Invitations on

Additional Party Supplies

I won't bore you with a list of everything I have on my Etsy shop that coordinates with this rainbow invitation because there are a lot of items to choose from, including signs, tags, and all the other necessities. You can easily search and find these supplies, though. I have created SKU numbers for everything in my shop. The SKU makes the items searchable for you. Go to my main shop page, MetroEvents (insert link); in the search bar, type in "MERAINBR19" and all the matching party supplies will come up. Here is a short video to show you how to do this and find coordinating party supplies for any designs I have in my party shop on Etsy.

Bridal Shower Games

I have already written a detailed description with instructions and ideas for bridal showers here in this blog: bridal shower games. I have created the same games for this beautiful rainbow design, including the emoji game, date night cards, signs, bridal shower bingo, and many more.


This collection includes A colorful array of dew drops created with rainbow-style watercolor. This collection consists of all that you need for your wedding, including invitations, thank you cards, stickers, and more, to make your wedding one of your dreams with our decorations and stationery supplies. You can find the complete rainbow wedding collection here on Zazzle: Rainbow Wedding Decor & Stationery

Wedding Invitations

The invitations can be found only on Zazzle. I haven't added wedding invitations to Etsy, yet I have been reluctant to do so due to how much pressure there is behind planning a wedding, and honestly, I don't want people yelling at me about it online. However, I have many wedding invitations in my Zazzle shop, including the rainbow wedding invitation.

This beautiful wedding invitation can be used for all types of weddings, including LGBTQ weddings, since it is, after all, a rainbow, and as we all know, rainbows are a symbol of the LGBTQ community. It has a similar design to the bridal shower invitation; however, the font is different, and the colors are on the bottom of the invitation instead of the top.

The colorful yet elegant registry card has beautiful drops of color, informing your family and friend of the place you and your partner have decided to register for your gifts. It's become common practice to include these with your invitations so people can take them along with them to the store if they want to do this. The size is the same as a business card, so it easily fits in a wallet.

Enclosure cards are imperative to include

in your invitations; some people like detail cards suitable for destination weddings or travel information. More important than that which is a must is the RSVP card. Sending RSVP cards lets you know in advance how many people you will be serving at your wedding and the space needed.

Beautifully detailed, the rainbow thank you card on Zazzle is majestic and straightforward in acknowledging the presence and good times spent with your friends and family on your big day! You can't forget to thank them for sharing such a special moment with you.

It's common to have a photo booth at weddings now, so having a backdrop and props is necessary. I have designed a customizable backdrop that coordinates with this beautiful rainbow wedding collection.

With everything available with this rainbow collection on both of my shops at Etsy and Zazzle, there still might be something you want that is missing; please feel free to reach out to me if this is the case. As long as there is time I can add a different product, it never hurts to ask.

MetroEvents is the go-to place when it comes to personalized and original wedding decor and stationery supplies!

Check out my Country Lavender Wedding Collection! This country-style wedding palette is based on a combination of lavender and purple with hints of green. It is versatile and great for many types of weddings or bridal showers; outdoor, garden, and rustic styles.

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