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Bridal Shower Games and Activity Ideas

Updated: May 14, 2021

Games at a bridal shower are essential for entertaining your guests. There are many out there that you can include in your shower. This year I have launched several different bridal shower game printables. This blog post will give you some bridal shower game ideas that will provide unique, fun activities that your guests will love!

bridal shower games


The game kits that I have created for my Etsy shop contains ten printable games. These kits are instant download kits; you can print as many copies of each game that you need. The following games are included in the game kit.

Put a ring on it game

1. Put a ring on it

What you need: One print out of the "Put a ring on it" sign by Metro-events. You will also need a ring to play with, like these that I found on Oriental Trading Company: Toy Rings

How to play: This is a pretty easy game to play, everyone at your shower gets a game ring, the goal is for them to keep their ring. Your guest pays attention to what the other guest when they are talking if anyone gets caught saying "wedding or bride" their ring gets stolen. The person at the end of the with the most rings wins.

2. Match the movie quotes

What you need: Game cards, print as many as you need for the number of guests that you will be having at your shower.

How to play: Each player gets a game card, the cards have a list of movie quotes from romantic movies. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of movies. The guest matches the quotes with the films listed, the player with the most matches wins.

3. Bridal shower bingo

What you need: Printed bingo cards

How to play: at the beginning of the bridal shower, each guest fills in each of the bingo card squares with items they think the bride will receive as gifts. When it's time to open the presents, have your guests cross out or circle the items they guessed as the bride opens her gifts. The first guest with five correct guesses in a row and (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) calls out "BINGO!" wins a prize.

Bridal shower game ideas

4. How well do you know the bride to be

What you need: Printed "How well do you know the bride to be" cards

How to play: The card has several questions about the bride; each guest fills out answers to each item the person with the correct answers wins.

5. What's in your purse

What you need: "What's in your purse" cards included in the game kit

How to play: The game card contains several items that may be in someone's purse. Each item is worth a specific number of points; some things are worth more points than others. Your guests look through their handbag, check for what they have that matches with what is on the game card. Have them add their points up, and the person with the most points wins a prize.

Bridal shower games

6. What's on your phone

What you need: Prints of the "What's on your phone" card

How to play: This game is similar to "What's in your purse." The game card has different items that someone might have on their phone. Guests look through their phones and match what they have on it with what is on the card. They add up their points, and the guest with the most wins.

7. Would she rather

What you need: Prints of the "Would she rather" game card

How to play: Distribute the printed game cards to you, guests along with a pen. Your party guests and the bride-to-be will circle the option that they think that the bride would choose. Once the guests and bride have circled their choices, read the answers given by the bride out loud for your guests to check their answers. The guest that has the most correct answers wins a prize.

8. He Said She Said

What you need: Printed game cards

How to play: This is a game of who said what? The game card contains a list of phrases that either the bride or groom said. The player that guesses the most correct answers receives a prize.

Bridal Shower He said she said

9. Who am I?

What you need: Who am I game cards

How to play: Distribute one card to each guest, have them write down a memory that they have with the bride-to-be. Once they have all written their memories down, collect the cards for the bride. The bride will then read each card and try to guess which guest wrote down the memory of each card.

10. Match the celebrity couples

What you need: Celebrity couples game cards

How to play: This game is similar to the movie match game. Each guest will receive a game card. The cards contain famous couples; each guest matches the couples. The person with the most correct matches wins.

Advice for the bride


I have also created some alternative activity sets that are a little different from the game card kits. These activities are signs and coordinating game cards. These are fun to include in your shower because the signage helps with your decor. For these activities, you can purchase them individually, or you can buy the kit. Each activity comes with a 5"x7" game sign, 8"x10" shower sign, and 5"x3.5" game cards.

1. Date jar and ideas

What you need: One print of the date jar sign & prints of the card for your guests

Instructions: Put the sign up with a stack of cards for your guests to fill out. Have each guest provide a date idea for the future Mr. & Mrs. The bride will take these home as a keepsake for her and the groom.

2. Advice for the bride

What you need: Prints of the cards for the guests to fill out and one print of the advice for the bride sign.

Instructions: Have each of your guests fill out a card with helpful advice for the bride. Once they have filled the cards out and put them somewhere safe for your bride-to-be to take home with her.

3. The panty game

What you need: Print-outs of panty game card and a print of the panty game sign.

Instructions: Include the print-outs of the card with your invitations so your guests will know to bring some new panties for the bride. The card instructs your guests to purchase a pair of underwear that reflects their personality. At the shower, have a box or bag to put the panties in; the bride will go through them and try to guess which guest brought which pair.

4. Guess how many

What you need: A bag or 2 of Hershey kisses, One print of the guess how many game signs and prints of the guessing cards.

Instructions: Count out your kisses and place them in a container for your guests to guess the amount. Each guest takes a guessing card and put the number and their name on it. Once all of your guests have made their guess, go through all of the cards and look for whoever guessed the closest, that person wins.

Guess how many game

It's always good to have something for your signs so that the paper will stand up. There are many money-saving ways to do this. If you want to use frames, use what you have. Even if they are frames that you have photos in, you can always put the picture back. If you don't have any picture frames don't buy new ones, go to the thrift store. I do this for the pictures I take of the signs I design. They are so cheap at thrift stores, and there is an abundance of them!

You can also go to an office supply store and get adhesive foam-core. You can get 8"x10" packs from Amazon as well: Foam-Core. I recommend that you don't trim the paper until you apply it to the foam-core, you can cut it to fit if needed.

For your prize gifts, this is up to you, it is recommended that the gift costs should be within $10-$50 depending on your budget. I will be writing a post that will be specifically for prize gifts so sign up for notifications to be the first to see!

Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation

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