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Country Lavender, Floral Wedding & Bridal Shower

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

If you are looking for a themed wedding that will stand the test of time, a country-style wedding is a style that will do just that. Add some lavender to this theme, and you have a beautiful country garden wedding. On a personal note, I love this design; it happens to be one of my favorites, so creating all of the decorations and stationery for it has been a little bit addicting, and I keep adding to this collection!

Country Lavender Wedding

Because country weddings are so popular, it's easy to find decorations and stationery for them. The downside to the abundance of options is, it can be a little hard to decide what you want. Hopefully, this will serve as a resource for you to narrow down your choices.

Most of the time, when you think of a country wedding, you might think of mason jars, barns, and sawdust floors, this is one option country weddings can also be feminine and sophisticated as well. In my mind, I see a small and intimate affair in a backyard with fairy lights, flowers, trees, greenery, and the scent of lavender throughout. Adding lavender to this theme will give it a pop of color, femininity, and romance to every wedding needs. It's incredible how you can add one element, and magically, your country wedding has become country chic!


Country Lavender Color Palette

Chic and charming, this wedding palette consists of a combination of purple and green hues. You can easily add ivory or even shades of grey to these colors; greys will provide an additional rustic feel to your wedding were ivory would create a stronger sense of romanticism. Because the lavender flower has a variety of purple hues, you can choose to go bold with the coloring, or you can choose to use the muted, light purples of the flower. My lavender country wedding design is created with a soft and simplistic style, so it is versatile enough for whatever type of country wedding you are having. You can use this theme for either your bridal shower, wedding, or both. I have created stationery, signs, decorations, invitations, and more for both types of events.


First, let's consider what you will be requesting from your guests in regards to their attire. The clothing for this wedding theme is going to depend on what type of vibe you want to achieve. For more casual wedding sun-dresses, pastels, and lightweight fabrics for the ladies and the men casual shirts, lightweight pants, or even jeans. Add some cowboy hats and boots for a little extra fun. If your wedding is more sophisticated, light-colored cocktail dresses and heels for women and collared shirts and dress pants for men.


Country Lavender Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations

Whether you have a country lavender bridal shower, wedding, or both, I have designed options for invitations available in printed invitations or printable invitations. Metro-events on Zazzle offer accessories for invitations as well, including invitation bands, custom envelopes, labels, and invitation inserts.

Bridal Shower Invitations

I have to admit; I am playing favorites with this design, which is not something I do with everything I create. The bridal shower invitation in this collection was how it all started! I designed the following 2 invitations for Etsy. These invitations are instant download files that you can edit and print at home. The first design features lavender flowers falling from the top of the invitation with modern script typography.

Country Lavender Bridal Shower Invitations

I also created an invitation kit that includes the following: Bridal Shower Invitation, thank you card, recipe card, and details card. These files are editable using adobe acrobat reader.

Lavender Floral Bridal Shower Invitations Set

The second design is created with a lavender wreath and beautiful flowing black script text on a pure white background. The back of the invitation is accented with lavender and the words "Here comes the bride" this design is fully editable through Corjl, you can test this before you buy it by going to this link: Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation Demo.

Lavender Wreath Bridal Shower Invites

If you prefer to have your invitations printed, I do offer printing services through Etsy; however, you can find additional design options through Zazzle. The bridal shower invitations on Zazzle are created with the same design as the Etsy invitations, some of the fonts depending on the fonts available.


It's time for you and your girls to get together to enjoy some time with each other before you get married. I would recommend combining your bridal shower and your bachelorette party with this theme. It's effortless to do. Start with celebrating your up and coming wedding while being showered with gifts in the afternoon with friends and family then extend the day into the night by going out with your girlfriends to a country dance club!

Bridal Shower Games

Having activities and games for your bridal shower is an excellent way for you to entertain your guests. I have created a few options that coordinate with this lavender shower design.

Country Lavender Bridal Shower Games

For activities, I have a four-piece kit that includes an activity sign and card this kit has the following activities: Advice for the bride, date jar, drop your panties and guess how many kisses. You can also purchase these activities separately if you don't want the full kit.

Lavender Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games are a new product I am working on for my Etsy Shop. I have several options to choose from; The ten-piece game kit that includes the following bridal shower games: Put a ring on it, Match the movie quotes, Bridal shower bingo, How well do you know the bride to be, What's in your purse, What's on your phone, Would she rather, He said, She Said, Bridal Shower, Who am I and Match the celebrity couples. This game kit is an instant download that you can download directly from Metro-events on Etsy. Print as many as you need to entertain your guests at your shower.

Party Favors and Gifts

If you are going to have party games, you need to get some party gifts for the winners of those games. It's recommended that you spend $10-$50 on your party gifts, depending on what your budget is. Since lavender is a color, scent, and flower, there are so many options out there that will help you stick to your theme. For a low-cost gift, $10 or under, you can get these essential oil defusers to add some lavender scented oil for an additional $10 since the defusers come in a set of 3 use the oil to fill them all, the final cost for each is around $5.

Rolling Meadows Lavender Scrub

For shower gifts $25 or less, I have to give a special shout out to one of my great friends, the owner of Rolling Meadows Naturals. She has this fabulous lavender sugar scrub I love this scrub; it's all-natural, she makes it herself. Another option is a Lavender-scented bath bomb with a ring inside for $24. Or this pretty tree of life necklace created with amethyst gemstones for $16.

Lavender Makeup Mirror

I also created an option for a custom gift that coordinates with this design, which can be found in my Zazzle shop. It's a simple compact that is created with the same lavender-styled flowers as the other items in this collection:

If you want to get something that is more higher-end, maybe a final prize or a thank you gift, these beautiful purple Kate Spade earrings are a perfect choice. You can also add custom gift tags to your game prizes; these instant download gift tags from Metro-events on Etsy are fully editable and coordinate with this Country Lavender theme.

Lavender Favor Tags

For your favors, you can get as creative as you want with these. One of the best things about party favors is you can work them in as part of your decor. I have created some simple and elegant favor boxes for your party favors here at my shop on Zazzle: Country Lavender, Bridal Shower favor box. You can also choose to use your own box or bag and just add a favor tag to it. These favor tags are in my Etsy shop, they are an instant download, and you can edit them to say whatever you would like. Print them from home; there are no limitations on how many you can print.

Balloons and Flowers:

Balloons and flowers are easy to find and commonly used for bridal shower decor. Balloons are fantastic because they are inexpensive, and they fill up a lot of space as well as add color to your shower. If you get your own balloons and helium tank, you can save quite a bit of money on balloons. Flowers can also be purchased in just about any color. They do cost a little more; however, you can save some money by looking at a grocery store for floral arrangements; they tend to be less expensive. Amazon has bundles of dried lavender, which can be used to fill vases or add to your table decor or get fresh lavender in a pot from a hardware store and use the plants as gifts at your shower.

**BRIDAL SHOWER HINT: Save some $$ on your decor by looking for things at second-hand stores. Since this is a country theme, you can find a lot of things that will coordinate for practically nothing at second-hand stores.

Lavender Welcome Sign

Banners and Signs: Having a welcome sign or banner or both are essential when it comes to bridal shower decor. I have both printed and instant download signs available; for the welcome sign shown in the photo, you can try it before you buy it by using this link: Lavender Welcome Sign. Additional party signs include drink signs or menus, maybe perhaps a gift sign for the table you would like the gifts to go on.

Country Lavender Bridal Shower

Drinks: Believe it, or not your drinks can serve as decorative items as well! Add some dried lavender to your cocktails for an organic look to your drinks. I have created custom labels for water bottles, wine bottles, and more for my Country Lavender collection.

Bridal Shower Decor

Tablecloth(s): I would recommend just getting white tablecloths like these that I found on Amazon: White Tablecloth. The base color of this bridal shower design is white, so it will go with any other decorations you get. You can also reuse it for future parties because it is a neutral color.

**BRIDAL SHOWER HINT: Get some mason jars! You can purchase a 12 pack from Amazon for only $22. There are many things you can use these for, vases, fill them with candy, and use them for gifts, put your silverware in them for your food, use them as napkin holders. It's an affordable way to add a little country to your


Lavender Wedding Invitations

Save the date cards are the first to be mailed out, so you will want to purchase them first — standard timing to send them 6 to 8 months before your wedding. I have created a simple and elegant save the date card that is included in this collection. It is designed with a single photo on the front with personalized text and on the back and the signature Country Lavender flower-buds with custom text as well.

For your invitations, those should be sent out about 8 weeks before your wedding day. My country lavender wedding invitations are created with the same watercolored lavender styling as the bridal shower invitation. The wedding invitation has a more formal look to it, so it is perfect for your special day.

Lavender Wedding Stationery

Invitations Stationery: This is your wedding day, you want your invitation to stand out. There are a few ways to do this, and I have the products needed in my event shop.

- Custom envelopes designed with the Country Lavender aesthetic.

- Add an invitation band or belly band with your invitations.

- Add customized stickers or labels to your envelopes.

- Envelope liners, these are a fabulous addition for your invitations, your guest will open the envelope and have a surprise splash of color before they see your invite.

R.S.V.P. and Registry Cards: Make sure to include these with your invitations when sending them. Your registry cards are a nice added touch to include with your invitation, people do add their registry info to their invitations, but it's considered to be better etiquette to send a separate card. I think it's better because it makes that info stand out, you don't want to get things that you aren't going to use. R.S.V.P. cards are necessary for several reasons. The main thing is, so you know how much food you need to provide.

*Fun fact: Do you know what the R.S.V.P. letters stand for? It's actually French the letters stand for "Répondez s'il vous plaît" meaning, please respond.

**WEDDING HINT: Make sure you include a return envelope with your R.S.V.P. cards. It is also recommended that you put stamps on the response envelopes, is ensures that you will receive most of them back.

Bridesmaid Cards: Bridesmaids cards are a nice touch, that isn't expensive. It also provides your bridesmaids with a keepsake besides the memory of you asking her. My elegant bridesmaid cards are personalized, so you can include a special note to your friends when you ask them to be a part of your wedding day.

Lavender Floral Wedding Program

Wedding Program: I have 2 options available for your program. The first option is a simple 2 sided program, designed with the same lavender floral accents. You can customize the text with the details of your wedding. The other option has the same information; however, it's hand fan program; in case it's a little warm for some of your guests, they will have something to keep cool while they watch the ceremony or hang out at your reception.

Wedding Signs: You may want several different signs for your wedding. Some of the standard signs usually used are the following: A traditional style wedding poster with the bride and groom names. Another is often a welcome poster, which also has the names of the bride and groom, it's usually placed just at the door of your venue. A couple of others include a drink sign for your bar.

Table Numbers and Table Placement Cards: After spending so much time on your seating chart, you don't want to forget to guide your guests to their seats. Metro-events on Zazzle has perfectly coordinating table number and place cards.

Country Lavender Table Cards

Tablecloths and Table Runners: Check with your venue before purchasing these items; many sites offer them so you may not need to buy them. It's more likely that they will have tablecloths but not table runners, in which case I have created an elegant table runner that coordinates with my Country Lavender design.

Country Lavender Table Runner

Flowers and balloons: Another familiar pair of wedding supplies that are also used for decorating for a bridal shower. Of course, for your wedding, you will need more balloons and a lot more flowers! Check with a local florist for getting your flower arrangements; they should have special packages available special for weddings.

Favor boxes and/or bags: You have so many choices when it comes to having little containers for your party favors. You don't have to purchase a coordinating box; you can save some money by buying some solid color boxes then add personalized wedding tags to them that coordinate.

Wedding Favors: There are so many really amazing options for wedding favors. You can add different types of candies to little bags. Mints and chocolates are always a popular choice, I think these "I do" kisses were an adorable choice.

Other options for wedding favors include bubbles, coffee, or even plants!

Country Lavender Wedding


Bridal Shower Venue

For a country floral bridal shower, your venue options are almost endless. Your choices do depend on the number of guests that you are planning to have. For a small shower, with close friends and family, you can find a nice restaurant and perhaps have a bridal brunch. Gardens are also a perfect option for this country styled theme as well as backyard barbeques for those casual showers out there.

Wedding Venue

A country wedding doesn't necessarily need a country setting; you just need to create that southern feel by selecting the right decor. You can choose to have your wedding wherever you would like, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Chimney Rock, Shell Wyoming
Chimney Rock, Shell Wyoming

For outdoor weddings, you can choose a beautiful hillside, a backyard, a garden venue, or a tent in a field. For me, I had always thought it would be cool to get married on my grandparent's property in Wyoming. They have this beautiful farm with tons of land; it's right below the bighorn mountains, so the background scene would be lovely. One of the best things about outdoor weddings is you let nature do some of the decorating for you if you can find a beautiful place you can save a lot of money on flowers and decor!

If you are wanting to have your wedding inside, renting a barn or a farmhouse would be ideal but also not a necessity. You can rent out any type of hall, hotel, or venue. When it comes to country weddings, it's more about the decor than the spot, with the right decorations, anywhere can look the part!

You made it this far; you should have all you need to create your own beautiful country lavender wedding. I hope the photos helped you get through all of the text; I am pretty sure this is the longest blog entry I have to date, I told you I was obsessed with this theme when I started!

Midnight Botanical Wedding

Check out my Midnight Botanical Wedding Collection! This beautiful wedding palette is based on a combination of green and mauve with hints of grey highlighting the design. It is excellent for many types of weddings, outdoor, garden, and rustic, but it can also be regal due to the versatility of the design.

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