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Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas and Activities

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Games are a must-have at any baby shower since entertaining your guests is imperative to your shower. There are many games that you can include in your baby shower.

I have created printable baby shower games that you can access from Metro-Events on Etsy. This blog post provides unique and enjoyable baby shower game ideas that your guests will love!

Baby Shower Game Kit

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, consider purchasing our game kits from my Etsy shop, which contains ten printable games. These instant download kits offer flexibility; you can print as many copies of each game as you need. Here are the games included in the kit:

  1. ABC Game What you need: ABC Baby Shower Game Cards. How to play: Each guest will write down a baby-themed item that starts with each letter in the alphabet. The person with the most correct answers wins.

  2. Guess That Baby Food What you need: Game cards and jars of baby food with the labels removed. How to play: Purchase baby food jars and remove the labels. Pass the jars around to all guests at the shower, and they must guess the flavor by smelling the baby food.

  3. Baby Shower Bingo What you need: Printed bingo cards. How to play: At the beginning of the baby shower, guests fill in the bingo card squares with items they think the mom-to-be will receive as gifts. During the opening time, guests can circle or cross out their guesses. The first person to get five correct guesses in a row, diagonal, horizontal, or vertical, calls out "BINGO!" and wins a prize.

  4. Baby Name Race What you need: Printed baby name race cards. How to play: Write a baby name that starts with each letter of the alphabet, and the guest who finishes first wins.

  5. What's In Your Purse? What you need: "What's in your purse" cards included in the game kit. How to play: Each game card contains several items that may be in someone's purse. Every item is worth a specific number of points; some things are worth more than others. Your guests will search through their handbags, check for items that match what is on the game card, and add up their points. The person with the highest points wins a prize.

  6. What's On Your Phone? What you need: Printed "What's on your phone" cards. How to play: This game is similar to "What's in your purse." The game card contains different items that someone might have on their phone. Guests must look through their phones and match what they have on them with what is on the card. The guest with the most points wins.

  7. Guess the Parents' Ages. What you need: Printed game cards and several photos of the parents-to-be. How to play: Guests must guess the ages of the parents-to-be in the lines on the sheets. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

  8. Best Wishes for the Baby. What you need: "Who am I?" game cards How to play: Distribute one card to each guest and have them write down memory with the mom-to-be-to-be. Once they have all written their memories down, collect the cards for the mom-to-be. The mom-to-be will then read each card and try to guess which guest wrote down the memory on each card.

  9. Baby Shower Emoji Game What you need: Printed baby shower emoji game cards How to play: The game card contains emojis that spell out the titles of children's books. Guests must try to guess each title, and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

  10. What's in the Baby Bag Game? What you need: what's in the game cards How to play: Have your guests feel inside a bag full of baby items and guess what items are in the bag; the person with the correct guesses wins a prize.

  11. Baby Price is Right Game What you need: the price is right game cards and a current list of prices for the items on the card. How to play: Each guest gets a card with different baby items, and the guests guess the prices of each item. The guest with the most items to the closest price wins.

  12. Name That Baby Tune What you need: name that baby tune game cards How to play: Make a playlist that contains ten songs; each song will have the word baby in it. Your guests will get a card to guess the song's name and who sings it; they will get one point for the song and one for the artist. The guest with the most points wins.

  13. Baby word scramble What you need: word scramble game cards How to play: Each guest gets a card and tries to unscramble the words; the first person to unscramble all the baby words wins.

All of the above games are also sold as separate games. If you don't need all of the games included in the kit, you can purchase them individually.

Metro-Events' Baby Shower Activities

I've created some alternative activity sets with signs and coordinating game cards. These activities are great because the signage adds to the decor. You can purchase the activities individually or as a kit. Each activity comes with a 5 "x7" game sign, an 8 "x10" shower sign, and/or game cards.

  1. Diaper Raffle Sign and Game Cards What you need: One print of the Diaper Raffle sign and prints of the game cards for your guests. Instructions: Ask guests to bring a pack of diapers for the raffle and to write their names on a card. The mom-to-be chooses a card at the end of the shower to determine the winner.

  2. Late Night Diapers What you need: A pack of diapers, a Sharpie, a print of the Late Night Diaper sign, and a photo frame. Instructions: Have each guest write a note on a diaper for the parents-to-be. The activity provides some laughs for the parents during late-night diaper changes.

  3. Pacifier Hunt What you need: 24 pacifiers and a printout of the Pacifier Hunt sign. Instructions: Hide the pacifiers throughout the shower location. The guest who finds the most pacifiers wins a prize.

  4. Best Wishes and Prediction Cards What you need: Prints of the Best Wishes and Prediction Cards. Instructions: Ask guests to fill out the cards with predictions for the baby's future and their best wishes for the mom-to-be to save as a keepsake.

To display the signs, you can use frames or adhesive foam core. For prize gifts, it's recommended that the cost stays within $10-$50 depending on your budget.

In conclusion, having unique and fun baby shower games can make your event unforgettable. Consider using our game kit or these game ideas to entertain your guests and make your baby shower memorable.

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