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So Much For Staying Cool.

I had a complete mental breakdown last night, so much for staying cool. I went to take a nap after I started running the backup/dump on my computer. Upon waking from my nap I went to my main system an ran a defrag again since I changed so much in my files at once. I decide to work using my laptop. Suddenly the laptop starts running crazy! I can’t rename file folders, I can’t download files, Illustrator is locking up, run scans, no this is not a virus, restart, still the same issues. AHHHHH I literally screamed, my cat freaked out, flew across the room, the dog started barking, jumped off the bed to chase the cat. In the middle of the chaos I knock a bottle of water off of my nightstand. So I get up to get a towel and when I get back to the mess of water I go to the floor to clean it up and just start crying. I know anyone that has ever been an entrepreneur can relate to this moment, trying your hardest to move forward but forces are pulling you back.

So it’s a new day now, I managed to get quite a few invitation designs done, had some client work but not as much as yesterday so that gave me some more time to get the invitations and such done. I’m excited today, I can’t wait to a launch all the new party invitations. I have so many new sweet sixteen, bridal shower and baby shower invitations to put out there but I am holding back until Metro Invitations is ready to launch. I have decided it’s best to add very little to Etsy, I will always have some of my party designs up there but I am really over the punishments that they put on sellers for the stupidest things. I should have worked harder to branch out away from them more before but better late than never as they say.

I got a little smart, went into my google drive and cleaned it then I had enough space to add all of my digital downloads that drive so I can work on them between both computers instead of sending them to myself all the time. What a silly way to do things in 2019, especially for a graphic artist… I just didn’t feel like cleaning and organizing, I was being lazy with that. I would always rather be designing something new so I often put of the things that are necessary to have better workflow and time management.

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