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Let's Do this?

Yesterday I was on FIRE! Today is a different story, I realize I have so many graphic design projects happening at once that I need to get a little more organized. I go digging for my whiteboards so I can write down my daily tasks, get a little bit of each part of this project done everyday. Seems simple enough get the boards, write it down but this just isn’t the way that I work.

I find the boards and realize I haven’t even used them in about 2 years, I completely forgot that I had stuff on them on, one has a graph taped out with stickers on it, the other has smurfs stickers on it, like why on earth would I put smurf stickers on a whiteboard? What is wrong with me? Now they are sitting on the ground drenched in rubbing alcohol to get the old writing and stickers off of them. It’s so crazy to me all the little things you run into that you don’t expect when you are working on things. I find myself making it all so much harder than it needs to be! Let’s see how the rest of the day goes, I am just getting started.

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