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I am pretty sure I am out of my mind at this point!

So I have decided that I am going to go crazy! Yes, totally nuts! I am all over the place today, but somehow all the graphics seem to be coming together but in a very organized way. The Metro Invitations shop was started yesterday, the basics are done, graphics, links etc. I need to start adding product, but I also have to keep creating product so I am bouncing all over the place.

Trying to keep up with everything. It’s Saturday, so I don’t have my graphic design clients asking me for things all the time is dedicated to this new venture I am beginning. I stopped working on Metro invitations for a minute and started putting the new and improved Metro-events shop together which is where this post is going. Realizing I needed to get that site away from Storenvy sooner rather than later because all of my websites are going to tie in together, the umbrella of the Metros!

So I worked on the Metro-events website all day… it was nap time at about 3:00 pm, I crashed for a couple of hours, I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night as I was working late and my beastly animals woke me up before 7:00 am. I don’t know why my pets hate for me to sleep, but they woke me from my nap too so here I am up again now and taking a pause from the frustrations of web design to create new products. I made a promise to myself that I would create a little more every day. The design part is my favorite anyway, so it’s sort of like an elective class in high school! On to creating, not sure what it’s going to be right now, but I’ll be back to show you later!

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