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And Then Monday Happened...

I was pretty productive over the weekend, then Monday happened. I had a few things to do for clients which took up most of my morning. I spent the day pretty anxious to get to my party designs since I created over 20 new invitations that needed to be converted to digital files.

I got all the client work done at about 3:30pm, thinking cool I can work on getting these invitations done. NOPE that is not what is happening right now!

My main system is scaring me! I have noticed some hiccups lately with my master system. I have spent some time in this last month doing some maintenance and dumping files I don’t need anymore. I ran a defrag, all that good stuff that I hadn’t done in quite a while. It didn’t take long for my system to start getting filled up. I did this dump about a month ago but I have created over 200 new invitation designs since then. I am beginning to think I am about to have a hard drive crash. I tested for errors all seems well but it’s choking on the most simple tasks and getting worse. So here I am again running a more recent backup, the whole system is slow as can be and I have an estimate of 1 hour and 50 min before this backup is done.

I hope to all higher powers out there that this is not my hard drive, I am in a horrible financial place right now, I can’t afford to have a hard drive crash. For one the time it is going to take me to get back up after that… ugh shoot me. “OH PLEEEEEASE UNIVERSE DON’T DO THIS RIGHT NOW!”

I tried opening Illustrator and working on some of these invitations but it was running so slow I would rather stab myself in the eyeballs with a needle than try to work under the slow conditions. The invitations are going to have to wait I guess, I am doing my best to not completely lose my shit as the voice in my head keeps repeating “Be cool Brandi, be cool”. Maybe I will just take a nap while this is all rolling through so I can be up late making up for lost time.

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