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Metro-events, The First Year of Parties

2012 was one of the best years I had with Etsy, I was learning a lot about the functions of eCommerce and I started working with some really amazing people through there. I released my most popular party design in 2012. The circus and carnival invitation design was HUGE! I couldn’t believe it I had orders almost daily for this design. People were requesting different color combinations, different party types and all kinds of party decorations. It wasn’t one of my personal favorite so I had no clue this would happen but I was so grateful! One of the most fulfilling things about designing for birthdays and special events was that I was a part of people's most precious memories and that for me was such an honor!

Selling digital party files became my main source of income pretty quickly. In 2011 there was not as much competition on Etsy for selling invitations and party files, so I was busy! I started getting regulars and lots of custom design requests. I was so happy that my party designs were such a hit!

I started to get people asking me for prints so I researched and found a couple of printers that would print invitations and thank you cards that I could offer for sale in my Etsy shop. However the other items were not an option, the printers I found only offer higher qty orders so I couldn’t offer the cupcake toppers, beverage wrappers, banners and party favors. So I began to look into more options, that was when I found Zazzle.

In October of 2012, almost a year after I opened my Etsy shop I started Metro-events on Zazzle. In the beginning I didn’t know a lot about Zazzle, I sort of just threw party favors, stickers and such up in my shop that coordinated with what I had on Etsy. When someone requested something I would design it and send them the link from Zazzle. The commission rate was 15% on Zazzle so at the time I really didn’t look at it as something that would be a good source of income but it was a great extension for offering items I couldn’t offer through Etsy.

Here I was one year into my Etsy shop, I had a new shop on Zazzle and I was doing well and ready to PARTY!

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