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Celebrate Love with Buzz: How to Plan a Bee-Themed Bridal Shower

Are you planning a bridal shower and looking for a unique and delightful theme? Consider a bee-inspired bridal shower, perfect for a bride-to-bee who loves nature, whimsy, and a touch of elegance. A bee-themed bridal shower is a delightful way to celebrate love and friendship with its vibrant yellow color scheme, charming honeycomb motifs, and buzzing bees.


To start planning your bee-themed bridal shower, here are some ideas and tips to get you buzzing!


When planning a bee-themed bridal shower, stationery can set the tone for the event. The first step is to create a set of Save-the-Date cards, invitations, and RSVP cards that match the event's theme.


Starting with the Save-the-Date cards, I have created a few options featuring bees, honey, honeycomb, beehives, and blue and yellow flowers with a watercolor texture. You can use a photo or have a card with information. These cards are available in both my Zazzle and Etsy shops.


The RSVP cards also feature the bee graphics with a simple and can be edited with whatever information you would like to include. You can have it with a simple yes or no, or the cards can also include a line for guests to write their names and any dietary restrictions they may have.


I have a variety of invitations available in both Metro-Events on Etsy and Metro-Events on Zazzle. I have designed options for invitations available in printed invitations or printable invitations. The invitations shown below are available through Etsy.

Bee invitations are also available on Zazzle. Here are the invitations that I have available through Metro-Events on Zazzle.

There are not a lot of differences between the designs on Zazzle vs the designs on Etsy. The fonts vary mainly due to the fonts available for each platform. There have, however, been a couple of exciting changes for both of my shops. You can now order prints through Corjl using Prints of Love! Here is a quick video to show how it works:

Another new option available comes from Zazzle. You can purchase digital files from Zazzle now if you do not want to print your invitation.

Digital Download Invitations

I have also added digital evites to my Etsy shop. These invitations are specifically formatted to fit perfectly on cell phones, making them easy to send through text messaging.

Tie everything together with envelopes or envelope liners from my Zazzle shop created with a honeycomb and floral pattern and a bee graphic, or use one of my customizable stickers to include the bride's name and seal it. This attention to detail will show guests that the bridal shower will be a special event.


To make your bee-themed bridal shower even more unique, we have created "Bride to Bee" printable gift tags, perfect for your shower favors or gifts. These printable gift tags feature an intricate honeycomb design decorated with beautiful blue and white flowers and lively bees. You can easily download and print these tags at home and attach them to your bridal shower favors or gifts for a personalized and unique touch.

I design my tags as single-page tags so each tag can be customized. If you want them all to have the same message, here is the easiest way to edit them:


If you're planning a bee-themed bridal shower and looking to make your party favors stand out, consider adding charming decorations to your favor bags or boxes. Here are some ideas for using decorations with different types of party favors.

  • Lip balm: Add a touch of sweetness by tying a blue and yellow ribbon around the lip balm tube. You could also attach a "Bride to Bee" gift tag to the ribbon.

  • Custom Hershey kisses and Reese's peanut cups: These sweet treats are already pretty eye-catching, but you could take them to the next level by placing them in mini yellow favor boxes and tying a blue ribbon around the box.

  • Lifesavers and Hershey's Miniatures: These classic candies are always a crowd-pleaser. Consider placing them in clear favor bags with a honeycomb-patterned tag for a bee-themed touch.

  • Breath savers and hand sanitizers: Keep your guests fresh and clean with these practical favors. To make them extra special, tie a yellow ribbon around the bottle and attach a "Bride to Bee" tag with a cute bee graphic.

  • Honey jars and beeswax candles: Consider giving out honey jars or beeswax candles for a more natural touch. Tie a blue and yellow ribbon around the pot or candle and attach a tag with a bee graphic and the words "thank you for bee-ing here."

  • Wildflower seeds: Give your guests something they can plant and enjoy long after the party. Package the seeds in small yellow envelopes and attach a tag with a watercolor flower graphic and the words "Watch our love grow."

Honey Bee Bridal Shower Theme
Honey Bee Bridal Shower Theme

Decorations like ribbons, stickers, and printable tags can make your bee-themed bridal shower party favors feel unique and personalized. Don't be afraid to get creative and add your special touches to make them unforgettable!


Create a buzz-worthy atmosphere with custom signs, honeycomb decorations, floral arrangements, and cute bee-themed centerpieces. I have designed a number of options that are available through my Zazzle shop and Etsy shop.




Decorating a food or snack table is a great way to add personality and style to any event. Custom decorations can tie the theme together for a bee-themed bridal shower with blue and yellow flowers with a watercolor texture.

Starting with the tableware, custom paper plates, napkins, and paper cups can be designed with a honeycomb with floral accents in shades of blue and yellow. These custom tableware items can feature a bee graphic and the bride's name, wedding dates, or a special message.

Custom labels are great for wine and beer to match the theme. Wine labels can feature the bride's name and wedding date, with a bee graphic and honeycomb background. For beer bottles, labels with a bee graphic and a message like "Cheers to the happy couple" can be added.

Water bottle labels are available to match the floral bee theme. These can feature a bee graphic, the bride's name and wedding dates, or a special message. Paper coasters with a blue and yellow floral watercolor texture and the bee graphic are available through my Zazzle shop.

Custom signs for the food table with a honeycomb, floral, and bee theme are a cute addition. These signs can be placed near the food to let guests know what they eat. For example, a sign near the honey-glazed ham can read "Honey Baked Ham," and a sign near the fruit salad can read "Bee's Knees Fruit Salad."

Overall, custom decorations for a bee-themed bridal shower with blue and yellow flowers with a watercolor texture can add a fun and personalized touch to the event. With custom tableware, wine and beer labels, water bottle labels, paper coasters, and food signs, the theme will bring your bridal shower to life and make the event even more memorable.

MetroEvents is the go-to place when it comes to personalized and original wedding decor and stationery supplies!

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