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Amazing Wedding Ideas | Midnight Botanical Invitations and Decor

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Choosing a color palette is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to wedding planning, it's usually the first thing you decide. You want your wedding to be unique and fit your personality. There are so many options available that it can become overwhelming and complicated.

Once you choose a palette it can turn into quite a hunt to find all of the essential wedding stationery and decor that coordinates with your chosen palette. If you find it difficult to settle on anything and you are looking for an elegant, earthy style, my Midnight Botanical wedding collection is a perfect and beautiful choice.

Like many party collections I create, I started the collection with designing the invitation. I set out to create some sort of purple based wedding design, as I started to design, it evolved into what you see. I specifically named this collection “Midnight Botanical” because once I completed the design, I felt it had a sort of an elegant but vintage look to it. It reminded me of a botanical garden in the evening, I imaged strings of lights from a flower-filled gazebo. It also made me think of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" because of the airy styled foliage and earthy hues that give it a mystical feel.


This beautiful wedding palette is based on a combination of green and mauve with hints of grey highlighting the design. It is great for many types of weddings, outdoor, garden and rustic but it can also be regal due to the versatility of the design. The wedding design its self is created with an airy, earthy feel to it making it a palette that can be used for all seasons.


When I design wedding collections I always try imaging the different items that someone will need to create their perfect wedding. I think, how helpful would it be for me to do some of the leg work for you? So I got busy, I created many decorations and supplies for this Midnight Botanical wedding collection. Hoping to make your job a little less complicated. I will cover ideas for your bridal shower as well as your wedding providing you with links to where to get all the decorations you need to create your own Midnight Botanical wedding.


Oh my goodness there is so much that you have to get for bridal showers and receptions! How is someone supposed to remember everything? After researching what is suggested from a number of different sites here are some of the essentials that I found for your wedding reception and bridal shower.


Bridals showers are so much fun, it’s a time for you and your girls to get together to enjoy some time with each other. It’s also a time for you to celebrate your up and coming wedding while being showered with gifts! Although it is a tradition for one of the bride's family members or maid of honor to host the shower, many brides like to participate in the planning as well. Here is my checklist to help make your bridal shower dreamy and beautiful.

1. Bridal Shower Invitations: I’ve got you covered here! I have a beautiful garden-style bridal shower invitation that is included in my Midnight Botanical collection. This invitation is available in my Zazzle shop and at Metro-events on Etsy as a digital download.

2. Party Favors and Gifts: Most bridal showers have party games so don’t forget your gifts that will be given to the winners of those games. Recommended gifts would include things like scented candles, gift cards perhaps some inexpensive but nice jewelry, like this Kate Spade bracelet that I found on Amazon. Depending on your budget gifts that range between $10-$50 is recommended. For your favors, you can get as creative as you want with these. A cool thing about party favors is you can work them in as part of your decor. I have created some simple and elegant favor boxes for your party favors here at my shop on Zazzle: Midnight Botanical, Bridal Shower favor Box.

3. Balloons, Flowers or Both: Flowers and balloons are easy and commonly used for bridal shower decor. Balloons are pretty inexpensive and they fill up a lot of space as well as add color to your shower. If get your own balloons and helium tank you can save quite a bit of money on balloons. Flowers can also be purchased in just about any color, they do cost a little more however you can save some pennies by looking at a grocery store for floral arrangements, they tend to be less expensive.

4. Food: Your food is also part of your decor, I always love things that serve 2 purposes. You can get food labels that coordinate with your decor like these on my shop: Midnight Botanical Food Labels

**BRIDAL SHOWER DECOR TIP: Use everything as your decor, your food, gifts, and drinks can be out for your guest to get put labels and tags on everything, it will add to your theme and cost you less on decorations.

5. Banners and Signs: Having a welcome sign or banner or both are essential when it comes to bridal shower decor. Additional signs could include drink signs or menus, maybe perhaps a gift sign for the table you would like the gifts to go on.

6. Drinks: Believe it or not your drinks can serve as decorative items as well! I have created personalized labels for water bottles, wine bottles and more in my Midnight Botanical collection.

7. Tablecloth(s): I would recommend just getting white tablecloths like these that I found on Amazon: White Tablecloth. The base color of this bridal shower design is white so it will go with any other decorations you get. You can also reuse it for future parties because it is a neutral color.

**BRIDAL SHOWER DECOR TIP: Make sure you get enough tablecloths for all of the tables you will have at your shower. You will need a food table, gift table and possibly even a game table.


Here is the most important part! Much like the bridal shower, there are some similar items that you need for your wedding, however, there are a lot more things needed to decorate for your wedding. If you are one of the lucky ones that were able to get a wedding planner to help you a lot of this will be taken care of for you. Personally, everyone that I know has planned out their own wedding with help from friends and family.

Some of the items on your wedding day list will be the same as the bridal shower as mentioned before. If fact, I am going to provide you with a few hints throughout this list to help you save some money and time.

**WEDDING PLAN HINT: Check with your venue before you get anything. They may be providing things like linens for you and they may have some restrictions on how you can decorate. For example, if your venue is rustic and the walls are brick, you probably won't be able to hang anything.

1. Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations: As you know, your save the date cards are going to be mailed out first. It is standard to send them 6 to 8 months before your wedding. I have created a simple and elegant save the date card that is included in this collection. It is designed with a single photo on the front with personalized text and on the back and the signature Midnight Botanical flower-buds with custom text as well.

For your invitations, those should be sent out about 8 weeks before your wedding day. My Midnight Botanical wedding invitation is created with the same earthy, beautiful styling as the bridal shower invitation. The wedding invitation has a more formal and classy look to it so is perfect for your special day.

2. Invitations Stationery: This is your wedding day, you want your invitation to stand out. There are a few ways to do this, and I have the products needed in my event shop.

- Custom envelopes designed with the Midnight Botanical aesthetic.

- Include an invitation band or belly band with your invitations.

- Add customized stickers or labels to your envelopes.

- Include an envelope liner, these are a nice addition for your invitations, your guest will open the envelope and have a nice surprise splash of color before they see your invite.

3. R.S.V.P. and Registry Cards: Make sure to include these with your invitations when you send them out. Your registry cards are a great addition to your invitation, people do add their registry info to their invitations sometimes but it's considered to be better etiquette to send a separate card. Personally I think it's better because it makes that info stand out, you don't want to get things that you aren't going to use, I mean how many toasters are really needed for one house?

R.S.V.P. cards are necessary for a number of reasons. The main thing is so you know how much food you need to provide. But they are also necessary so you can make sure things like the venue capacity isn't exceeded or you don't have enough seating doesn't happen.

*Fun fact: Do you know what the R.S.V.P. letters stand for? It's actually French the letters stand for "Répondez s'il vous plaît" meaning please respond.

**WEDDING HINT: Don't forget to include a return envelope with your R.S.V.P. cards. It is also recommended that you put stamps on the response envelopes, is ensures that you will receive most of them back.

4. Bridesmaid Cards: Bridesmaids cards are a nice touch, that isn't expensive. It also provides your bridesmaids with a keepsake besides the memory of you asking her. My elegant bridesmaid cards are personalized so you can include a special note to your friends when you ask them to be a part of your wedding day.

5. Wedding Program: I have two stunning options available for your program. The first option is a simple 2 sided program, you can customize the text with the details of your wedding. The other option has the same information however it's hand fan program, in case it’s a little warm for some of your guests, they will have something to keep cool while they watch the ceremony or hang out at your reception.

6. Wedding Signs: You may want a number of different signs for your wedding. Some of the standard signs usually used are the following: A traditional style wedding poster with the bride and groom names. Another is often a welcome poster, which also has the names of the bride and groom, it's often placed just at the door of your venue. A couple of others include a cocktail sign for your bar, maybe some Mr. & Mrs. Signs?

**WEDDING SAVINGS TIP: Save your cocktail sign from your bridal shower. The sign is printed on poster paper so if you mount it on foam core you can put it on a small table easel and it will keep it from getting torn or bend from your shower.

7. Table Numbers and Table Placement Cards: After spending so much time on your seating chart, you don’t want to forget to guide your guests to their seats. Metro-events on Zazzle has perfectly coordinating table number and place cards.

8. Tablecloths and Table Runners: Check with your venue for this first, some do provide these linens as a part of their wedding services. It’s more likely that they will have tablecloths but not table runners, in which case I have created this table runner that is color-matched with the light mauve that is used in the Midnight Botanical design.

**WEDDING SAVINGS TIP: You can also check into party or wedding rental companies for your tablecloths which is what most people do when the wedding is large. If you have a smaller, cozy backyard style wedding where you only need 3 or 4 then you will probably need to purchase them.

9. Centerpiece: Table centerpieces are a must! There are so many things you can do to make your wedding table centerpieces amazing. Flowers and candles are always easy to find and put together. You can also check your local craft stores and come up with your own special creation. I took a look on Amazon and found these really cool fairy lights. You can get these to put into your centerpiece. If you use a mirror for the bottom or add some reflective glass the lights will make it illuminate even more!

10. Flowers and balloons: Another familiar pair of wedding supplies that are also used for decorating for a bridal shower. Of course for your wedding, you will need more balloons and a lot more flowers! Check with a local florist for getting your flower arrangements, they should have special packages available special for weddings.

11. Chair Decorations: How you decide to decorate your chairs is going to be determined by the chairs that will be used at your wedding reception. Some venues supply the chairs and tables with your wedding package. Other times you will need to find an event rental company to rent them from. If your chairs are really nice then you may just want to add a little wedding sign, bow or a chair sash for a color like this one here: chair sash from Amazon. If your reception chairs are not very attractive, you might want to check with a wedding rental company for some chair covers.

12. Photo booth props and backdrops: It’s 20-- what? Photo booths are everything at weddings nowadays. There are many photo booth rental companies where you can rent a kiosk for your wedding. Or you can simply purchase a custom backdrop and set-up a designated area for photo-ops. Make sure to include some fun props, just have a cute wooden box next to the booth to hold your props in, you can even add a Midnight Botanical wedding theme sign that says" Photo Props " to the outside of your props box.

For your backdrop, I have created many backdrop designs including one that matches this wedding collection which you can see here: Midnight Botanical, Photo Booth Backdrop

13. Favor boxes and/or bags: You have so many choices when it comes to having little containers for your party favors. What you choose is going to depend on your budget and what is going to go into the box. You don’t have to purchase a coordinating box, you can save some money by purchasing some solid color boxes then add personalized wedding stickers to them that coordinate. You can also choose to not get a box at all, you decide to put your favors in a cute little bag. The Midnight Botanical favor tags are a perfect addition to your favor bags.

14. Wedding Favors: There are so many really amazing options for wedding favors. You can add different types of candies to little bags. Mints and chocolates are always a popular choice, I think these “I do” kisses were a really cute choice.

Other options for wedding favors include bubbles, coffee or even plants!

This covers the essentials for your bridal shower and wedding day! Of course as you are planning you will think of many other things. Everyone likes to find those extra special or homemade items to add those finishing touches.

The Midnight botanical wedding collection from Metro-events on Zazzle has the essential wedding stationery you might need for your event planning! If you don’t see something, but the product is carried on Zazzle, get in contact with me, as long as I am given enough time I can get it done for you! Or maybe you need a digital file to coordinate with your wedding decor, I’d love to help you achieve the wedding you’ve always dreamed of so please reach out!

Check out our Rainbow Wedding collection! It's a fun and vibrant collection for those spring and summer weddings!

This wedding design is created with beautiful, rainbow-colored drops with a modern style watercolor texture.

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