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Come Fly with Me! Vintage Airplane Birthday Party

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Airplanes exemplify adventure, travel and fun excitement so why not have an airplane-themed party for your little pilot's birthday? This is a perfect party theme for just about any age! Maybe you’re raising an Amelia Earhart or a Howard Hughes, in which case throwing them a vintage airplane birthday party is perfect! You can dress even them up as a pilot for the party!

Take flight to an awesome airplane birthday party!

Think about how fun it will be! Metro-events party shops on Zazzle and Etsy have all the custom party supplies needed when it comes to accomplishing a fun, flying party for your little boy. Here are some helpful hints to help you with finding what you need as well as making your party unique and special.

Everyone wants to have an amazing party some people can afford to go all out while others have a budget to keep in mind. I am going to provide you with options for both so you can choose whatever fits within your budget no matter what your birthday budget is. So let’s board this party plane to all of our airplane birthday party ideas from decorations to party favors to birthday games! Adventure awaits…


1. Party invitations - Both of Metro-events shops have airplane party invitations. Our airplane party invitation on Etsy is an instant download that is editable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you would like them customized by me or printed I offer those services as well through my Etsy shop.

You can also opt to get the same invitation or a photo invitation so you can show off your little Howard Hughes to your friends and family at the same time you’re letting them know you’d love to share such a special moment like this with them, through our Zazzle shop.

2. Birthday treats - This could be a cake, cupcakes, brownies, whatever your son or daughter’s treat is. At Metro-events on zazzle there are some really cute custom edible treats to choose from as well to add a special custom touch to your airplane party.

3. Food for your party - If you are going to have food you will need to decide what your menu will be, you don’t have to serve a full meal if you are on a tight budget, it's not a necessity. With all of the invitations that I have customized the majority of kids birthday parties don’t serve food, adult parties tend to do that more often than the parties for kids.

4. Decorations for your airplane party - I will point you in the direction for some awesome decor that will make your party special.

5. Games for your party - It's always to have games that coordinate with your party, with an airplane party there are so many options available!


It is tradition to either purchase a cake or make one for a party. If you don't have the time to bake a cake you can contact your local bakery or grocery store to have one made and customized for you.

Maybe you don't want a cake, you don't have to get one! There are many other options out there for you as well. Perhaps cupcakes will be better you can easily purchase some white or blue cupcakes from the grocery store and add little airplanes to the tops of them. Here are some really cool little airplanes from Oriental trading company that will work perfectly for this! These are cute little airplane lollipops so it's decor you can eat!

Another awesome option comes from Metro-events party shop on Zazzle. Edible decor! Chocolate covered Oreo's on a stick! The fun thing about these is that they are personalized so you can add your child's name and age using the Personalize this template tool on Zazzle and you will receive your customized airplane party treats within just a few days! This will certianly make your party stand out as well as provide your little guy with a extra surprise that is custom just for him on his special day! Our Zazzle shop also has personalized airplane sugar cookies and brownies, fresh baked, fudgy brownies from Veronica’s Treats, glazed in a yummy white chocolate flavored icing.


You can make your party fun with some fun airplane themed party food here are some amazing options.

Marshmallows are a MUST! There are many cloud treats that you can use to make marshmallows one example: Take 5 marshmallows, place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Make little pyramids with the 5 marshmallows setting close together with 2 on top and 3 on the bottom. Put them in the oven for a few minutes, just so the marshmallows melt together and you have little cloud treats for your airplane party, decor + food!

Another great food item to get which can provide a healthier snack is bananas! When you cut them in half they look like the middle of an airplane! All you need to do is add some wings. For the wings you can use little cookies or other fruit like oranges since they look quite a bit like wings when you have the little bits peeled apart!

You don't have to make food that looks like your party theme, you can also get the basics like a veggie tray or fruit snacks and just use food labels to make them coordinate with your party. I have some DIY food labels in my Metro-events Etsy shop. These airplane food labels coordinate with all of the other airplane party supplies available online. These are awesome! They come with 9 per sheet that is easy for you to print at home. If you don't have 9 food items you can use them for other types of labels, maybe for games too!


Here are some perfect airplane party decorations and supplies that will make your little pilot’s first take off one to remember. Some of the basic and easy items are, balloons, party streamers, plain paper to make paper airplanes out of (these can be used for games and decorations) and toy planes.

At Metro-events on zazzle there are customized banners, chewing gum, party hats, water bottle labels are just a few of the party supply items on the list to make your child's birthday as memorable as you dream of. Some special additions to think about that will make your party spectacular!

Airplane party paper cups, with the blue sky as the background and the plane ready to take flight and see the world. Your guests will be wowed by the custom coordinating design that goes right along with your party theme. Here is a tip: Paper cups don't have to be used just for drinks! You can use them for snacks, and prizes too!

You will also find customized favor bags where you can send off your guests with cute and yummy keepsakes from such a fun time celebrating your oh-so loved little one! Favor bags are also a special way to say thank you to your guests for coming to celebrate this awesome day with your little pilot!


Having games that go along with your theme is always fun and creates awesome memories for you and your guests. Here are some great games and activities that are easy and perfect for an airplane party.

1. Pass the plane. This game is the traditional hot potato game but instead of using a potato you use a paper airplane. It’s a simple game to play, turn on some music, have the kids sit in a circle and they pass the plane around until the music stops. Whoever is holding the plan when the music stops is out. Continue until there is only one kid left and that kid wins a prize.

2. Paper airplane making contest. Have the kids make paper planes and then have them fly the final planes and see which plane flies the farthest, that kid wins a prize. Have crayons or other coloring items so they can color and design their airplanes this will make the activity last longer and you will be able to tell which plane belongs to which kid because of the way they colored them, you may even want to put their initials on the planes too. (For a easy way to make your planes colorful, check out this Astrobrights Paper Airplanes post by Doodlecraftblog)

3. Pack up and fly! This game requires 2 suitcases that are unpacked and some old cloths. Split the party into 2 teams, each team gets a suitcase and an equal amount of items to put into the suitcase. The first players in line fill their suitcases, close it up and roll it them to the other side of the room, and back again to their team. Once the player gets back to the team, the suitcase is emptied out and hand it to the next player in line. It’s now that players turn pack the suitcase and take it to the other side of the room and back. This continues with each player packing, carrying, and unpacking the suitcase until one team is finished.

4. Airplane Lost and Found. This is a fun game and it doesn’t require much more than some airplanes (Here are some great, affordable airplanes from oriental trading) Hide the planes all over the house, party area or outside if you're having an outdoor party. You should have enough planes hidden that will make it a challenge depending on the number of guests you have. So for example if you have 10 guests have maybe 30 airplanes hidden. You have the kids search within the search limits of where you have the planes hidden and the kid that finds the most wins a prize.

Side note: For your prizes you can do treat bags or you can find little gifts that go along with your airplane them like toy planes or little journals that look like passports.

I hope that this helped you with finding everything you need to have a fun and successful airplane birthday party, all you have to do is enjoy the celebration!


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