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Baby Shower Invitation Checklist

A new baby is an exciting experience, not just for the newbie parents but also for their friends and family. As thrilling as this time is there is also a lot of other planning going on when one expecting a new family member. Before racing to get your baby shower invitations out, here is a checklist that will help you with your planning.

When should I send out my invites?

4 weeks is the magical number for this. Typically baby showers happen around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Baby shower invitations are usually sent out around the beginning the second trimester which is around the fifth month. If you send your invitations out earlier than 4 weeks, guest may forget. If you send them out later it may not be enough time to make the proper plans especially if any guests are coming from out of town.

How many guests will be attending your shower?

The number of guests will tell you how many invitations you will need. It is also important to figure out your head count so you can choose your venue properly. You will need your venue information for your invitation.

Who will be attending?

Your attendance is also important, some people have couples showers, others have ladies only. You may want to have children there or you may not it’s really up to you. No matter what your choices are, make sure that your venue can accommodate those choices if you order your baby shower invitations with a venue that you later find out doesn’t allow children you would have to reorder invitations, having a new baby coming into your home is expensive enough, why spend more than you need to.

What is the look you want for your baby shower?

Themes can be fun but they are not for everyone. There are some really awesome choices out there, you can choose to have a sports theme or a simple garden party. It all depends on what you will enjoy. With so many options out there you can select what is best for you.

How do you want to send your invitations out?

We are in this awesome age of technology you don’t have to mail out your baby shower invitations if you don’t want too. Many people choose to email their invitations out or use an online invitation service. The only thing to consider with digital invitations is that some of the elderly people that may be attending don’t use the internet much. One of the things that makes Metro-Event’s digital party invitations great is you can do both, you order your invitation, edit it how you want it then email it. After that you can still use the same file to send your design to a local printer and they can run off a few copies for you to send to those that aren’t online.

At Metro-events we have a large selection of baby shower invitations to select from. We offer printing services as well as DIY digital files. You can choose to use our editing services if you don’t feel comfortable with technology or you can edit them yourself, the choice is yours, Metro-events is here to help with any questions you may have in a quick and painless way.

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