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Play Ball! Metro-events Baby's First Baseball Party

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Take me out to the ball game! Does that ring a bell? It’s a line from the famous song about baseball, and it could be the theme for your baby’s first birthday party! They can have a little league of their own, how cute they would look with a little baseball cap? If you’re thinking about it and don’t know where to get their party favors, don’t worry about it!

I'm here to help you prepare a party that will help you hit a home run! With these adorable party supplies for your little one's first birthday party you will find everything you need to create a special day for your family. Water bottle labels, paper plates, banners and napkins designed with our baseball theme and your little one’s name front and center ready to bat his first party out of the park!

At Metro-events on Zazzle I have created white red and blue round baseball stickers designed like a baseball. Stickers are probably one of the best supplies you can get they are great for making all sorts of things customized and unique for a low cost. Add them to your drink cups, envelopes, favor bags or anything else you can think of.

The adorable vintage baseball thank you cards would be perfect to acknowledge all of those guests that gathered to celebrate such a sweet special moment with you and your family. There are options for these cards depending on how you want to send them out. At Metro-events on Etsy I have included the digital file, it's an instant download that you can edit with anything you would like on them. For printing options Metro-events on Zazzle is a great choice for you, I have added both folded thank you cards and flat thank you cards so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Also check out the white red and blue, vintage baseball party banner, a perfect way to welcome all of your family and friends into the party and start celebrating with them.

Metro-events on either Zazzle or Etsy has every party favor you might need for your special events! I love to be a part of them and help you make everlasting memories!


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