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Coronavirus - Covid-19, Don’t Just Read The Headlines

This is not my normal party blog, I feel it is important to share this information.

I’m not keeping my mouth shut anymore. I don’t ever post anything like this for a reason but I am beyond the point of not saying anything anymore. Being passive has done nothing and perhaps my rant here will be a waste of energy but if one person starts to think differently because of it then it’s worth my time. I know there will be people that don’t agree with me and the purpose of this is not to have a popular opinion, I just want to see people thinking beyond what they think they know. I hope that IF anyone actually reads this it will be read with an open mind. I am on your side, the American people we are after all supposed to be UNITED!

Our government has been failing us for years, this means Bush, Obama, Trump, Clinton and everyone else. Sure they all added some stuff here and there that has been a benefit in one way or another but on a whole, they have failed. This means the congress, senate, supreme court, house of representatives everyone. If they were all doing a good job we wouldn’t be in the position that we are in and every single one of them are guilty with their petty little fights about what freakin political party is better than the other, they are behaving like children on a playground fighting over the rules of a dodgeball game while we the American people pay the price for their games. We have also failed, we have allowed this to happen, we have fought among each other, we have directed anger, hate, and bullying to each other instead of working together as communities to help one another. We have made life harder than it needs to be so we are responsible for being passive and letting this go on for so long.

WE are the people of the UNITED STATES, the wealthy do not represent us and I am sorry to say this but the majority of our ‘political leaders’ and politicians do not represent us either this goes for democrats, republicans and all those in between. We are the backbone of this country, We are the ones teaching the children, putting out the fires, building the structures we work and live in, running the businesses for the wealthy, policing the society, protecting our country, providing medical aid to each other, delivering food clothing and all of the necessities as well as luxuries to the public to consume. We are the farmers, the electricians, the cooks, the hospitality workers, the artists, and entertainers. We are the reason our society can be great.

We are the ones either sitting on the frontlines with this virus now working to get everyone what they need or we are stuck in our homes questioning what is really going on and hoping the roof we are under will be there 2 months from now. We are the ones that are in fear of what is happening with this pandemic and the economy. We are the ones without proper healthcare and the financial means to get through this hardship due to the fact that our wealthy are living in socialism while we buy into the capitalism that they feed us. The wealthy are going to have money in the bank to cover them, the sacrifices they will have to make will be minimal compared to us.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about the coronavirus, I know we want to move on but that’s just not going to happen for a while. We should use the time as a teaching moment for us and start changing life in America because this pandemic has put everything that is wrong with this country in a clear view. Our leaders will not make these changes for us, we can not count on them, look at where they have gotten us.

I didn't take the coronavirus seriously until I had 5 staff members exposed at an event on 3/5, it hit me hard at that point, I felt a sense of responsibility because I booked them for the job. Calls were made to all the health organizations immediately by my client, unfortunately, in the end, we got zero results. Nowhere to get the testing done, nothing to do but tell them to watch their symptoms. That is actually the BIGGEST part of this problem in the US, the government disbanded NSC pandemic unit so there was no funding for this problem, there were no bodies working in that area as an assigned job. When it hit, it was a scramble to get a task force together and start working on the problem, we were not prepared. Had we had the pandemic unit the tests would have been out, the spread would have been slowed but there was nobody to work on this so we were behind the 8-ball. Now finally 400K tests went out yesterday created by the Roche Diagnostics, and they will be shipping out 400,000 per week. The new test being shipped can diagnose the virus in apx. 3.5 hours rather than days. Watch these cases skyrocket, not because they are new cases but because the tests are now available. We have had thousands of Americans carrying around this virus for weeks some asymptomatic so they are spreading it unknowingly and without testing it's going off symptoms only (there is fine print on the numbers that say "presumably").

So why did this happen? Years and years of weak leadership, poor decision making, greed, discredited press and the complacency of the people. The American public wants to fight about what greedy corrupt politician is better when they have all failed us. The press has become the PTA gossip square rather than a news source so when something really happens nobody believes or we don’t know what to believe because everywhere we turn it says something different. Then everyone starts thinking this is a political conspiracy. The truth is the government and press combined have been manipulating us rather than standing beside us and they have been doing this for years.

I have never claimed a party myself, I feel they are the reason we are split from each other so I am an anti-political party person, I believe in the people, not the parties. I rarely voice my opinion about things to people I don’t know well because truth be told I’m not the best at on-the-spot debater, I always want to stop and look into things, I am hesitant to vocalize my opinions because I would rather speak on facts I want to have done the proper research on topics so debating one on one throws me off. Most of the time I listen to what people say I find it all really interesting too. Because I have the tendency to listen in a biased way I have heard from both parties and what’s really ironic about all the wars everyone is having over Demo vs Rep aren’t even real. They are based on memes, headlines and political propaganda. When you actually listen to the core beliefs, wants and needs of the people you learn we all actually agree on all of the major topics that will make our lives better. The media and political leaders are manipulating us to fight amongst each other.

You don’t have to believe that coronavirus is a serious threat to our health. But there really are some facts out there that can not be denied.

1. The coronavirus does exist, in fact, it has existed for many years SARS & MERS are also coronaviruses, this one is called Covid-19. Coronavirus is a family of viruses so yes you will see things that state: “kills coronavirus” on labels because it’s not new, Covid-19 is a new member of the family.

2. Since March 1st alone over 4000 people have died from this virus, that’s 17 days. I know there are other things that kill people at higher numbers. These other viruses, accidents, illnesses have also been around a long time so there is more information out there to treat it and/or fix the problem. This is new so we know nothing and we don’t have a clue as to how bad it will become, we don’t know what we are facing at this moment.

3. We do not have the hospital space nor do we have enough healthcare professionals in our country to treat the number of people that this could affect if we do not stop the spread. Remember hospitals are for everything, births, broken bones, car accidents, the flu, all the average day to day things we have the facilities for day to day normal but we don’t have it for a pandemic like this which is why it is essential to just stay home unless you HAVE TO LEAVE.

4. We are going to see a rise in the positive cases because of the tests going out, don’t freak out over this, the majority of those positives have been there the virus has been hanging out with us this whole time and we just weren’t getting the tests for it. But we need to stop the spread.

5. Our economy is trashed right now, welcome back to 2008, let’s hope it gets better before it gets worse.

We are all in the same boat, let’s be like brothers and sisters on a vacation together that we don’t want to be on and just get along for the sake of getting along. Stop hoarding the supplies, stop seeing this as a way to get a piece of the pie. Be a decent human and know that we are all scared and none of us know what to expect. Some of us are not emotionally mature to deal with something like this if you are not one of those people be patient with those that are. It’s okay to feel vulnerable but don’t let that vulnerability allow you to make bad choices right now. Do NOT forget that we are together in this, let’s not fight amongst each other. Let’s learn from this and make it better, help one another, be kind. Educate yourself, don’t be a lazy reader, don’t believe one single news source, read through everything and find the common denominators, that is where the truth lies, think outside of the box, evaluate what is real, check the facts please check the facts. And check my facts too, don’t even believe me, question me.


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